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Get started in Python with this certification bootcamp bundle deal  BleepingComputer


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  • January 24, 2023
  • 07:27 AM

As programming shifts from a specialized skill to a necessity in a wide number of jobs, staying current on popular languages gives you a leg up in the job market. The 2023 Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle gets you up to speed on practical Python with a dozen courses that get hands-on.

All twelve courses in this bundle have been designed and taught by people who work with code in the field.

Courses are built for self-paced learning and for review when you’re stuck or need a quick refresher, with coding exercises that are easy to boot up for practice on your schedule.

For those completely new to the language, the bundle features an introduction to coding that uses Python Turtle and then turns to the foundations of using Python.

With those basics in place, the next course explores the theory behind Python and how to make use of algorithms and data structures. Then there’s a full course in Python to introduce more advanced concepts, and a hands-on lab with exercises, projects, and exams.

The bundle then turns to the most common uses of Python in the working world. You’ll learn how it’s used to automate tasks, perform data science work and handle large datasets, develop machine learning and analysis algorithms, script and develop custom tools, code for hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, and web development.

The bundle closes with an exam prep course for the PCEP certification, which highlights the Python skills on your resume.

Python is one of the most popular coding languages today, and it’ll only become more so as more industries adopt digital tools. This dozen-course bootcamp can get you coding for $34.99, 98% off the $2388 MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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