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The Ad Networks in this listing target specific demographics for most or all of their Ads.
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Is your content edgy? Does it appeal to the webs massive masses of 18-30 year old super empowered males? Are you tired of working with soulless executives uninterested in your personal goals? Clickhype is your solution.

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Category: Specific Demographic Ad Networks
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The world's largest online adult advertising network.

Searching for a higher ROI?

Advertise across the largest adult ad marketplace on the internet.

AVN Ads represents the most comprehensive network of adult-related content on the web. Whether it's advertising on a niche site or targeting the entire network, we can find the users and buyers you are targeting.

Are you a website publisher?

Enroll your site into the AVN ads marketplace and start earning additional revenue today.

AVN Ads offers a 75% revenue share to its publishers, has flexible payment options and puts control in our publishers' hands. You can choose to display text ads, thumbnail ads, banner ads, and commercial breaks.

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Category: Specific Demographic Ad Networks
Tags: adult

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Dragon Media Online

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Dragon Media Online, Inc. is a technology-enabled advertising company that provides best of breed online marketing services for its global advertiser clients and distribution partners in the international and multicultural marketplaces. Our clients' and partners' return on investment is maximized through our unparalleled client service focus, our selective relationships with top-tier partners and our proprietary DragonStarTM technology platform.

Dragon Media Online's strategic partnerships include global advertisers, industry leading web publishers, digital and traditional advertising agencies, creative design firms and international advertising networks.

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Category: NON-US Ad Networks
Tags: cpa

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HerAgency.com is a site-specific representation company whose experience in internet advertising focusing on the women's demographic dates back to the earliest days of the internet. We specialize in creating customized ad packages that are highly integrated within premier female-focused sites which provide a higher value than the usual run of network banner buy.

We sell internet advertising for sites, specializing in individual representation for a short list of some of the top media brands in the market today - names like Proctor & Gamble, Fisher-Price, Shutterfly, and Sears.

For advertisers, HerAgency.com is a cost-effective niche selection of premium websites that offer a custom presence to the women's demographic with banner advertising, mailing lists, and lead generation advertising opportunities. For publishers, HerAgency.com is a non-exclusive way to maximize the revenue on your website, mailing list, or co-registrations with more targeted and relevant advertising campaigns to your female-oriented audience.

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Category: Specific Demographic Ad Networks
Tags: cpm, cpc

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HispanoClick Online specializes in online marketing solutions for advertisers targeting Spanish speakers in the US, Latin America and Spain. HispanoClick assembles a network of 'best of breed' Spanish language publishers delivering millions of monthly impressions that can be targeted according to your needs. In operation since 2004, HispanoClick works with top tier advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

Our Team

HispanoClick has a multilingual, multicultural team of technical, marketing, design and editorial staff. We work in conjunction with our advertisers and publishers to deliver effective and efficient online solutions.

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Category: Specific Demographic Ad Networks
Tags: cpm, cpa, cpc, completefillrate

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While phorm works with Publishers of all types, it is a major partner for ISPs.

Leading UK ISPs BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, along with advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks, work with Phorm to make online advertising more relevant, rewarding and valuable.

Phorm's proprietary ad serving technology uses anonymised ISP data to deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time - the right number of times. Our platform gives consumers advertising that's tailored to their interests - in real time - with irrelevant ads replaced in the process.

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Category: Primarily Affiliate / CPA / CPL / CPS Based Ad Networks
Tags: cpa

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